At Creative Kids Corner, CKC, we work with you and your child in every way we can to facilitate your child’s adjustment. We want the time your child spends in our care to be a rewarding, happy, and fulfilling experience. We are locally owned and operated and strive to provide you with the highest quality care possible. You may contact us by telephone, email, or simply drop by CKC and see our facilities in person. We are located in Wellington, Colorado, a short ten minute drive from Fort Collins traveling 1-25.

Our Mission

The purpose of the Creative Kids Corner is to provide a high standard of quality childcare and early childhood education by enriching your child’s learning through physical, cultural, and social experiences.

Our Philosophy

At CKC our philosophy is based on a fine tuned balance between cognitive, creative, and social development. Well planned physical-motor activities contribute to growth in all areas. Children learn and build on their knowledge and understanding by actively engaging in their environment.

Our Goals

It is our goal to encourage each child to learn and develop to his or her fullest potential, to be well educated, and to be a good person too. Our center provides a nurturing environment with teachers who encourage your child’s curiosity, creativity, self confidence, as well as their ability to share, cooperate, and respect their environment and everyone in it.


6 weeks to 36 months
Teachers focus on physical, cognitive and motor development. Learning basics include crawling, walking, toilet training, eating, and sharing.
Creative Kids Corner
3 to 5 Years
Children learn self discipline, social interaction, and beginning education concepts. The emphasis is on school readiness.
Creative Kids Corner
K through 12
Before and after school programs provide homework assistance, creative activities, and social interaction opportunities with supervision.
Creative Kids Corner

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We feel good going to work each day knowing our kids are in your care.
Several Families
We have watched our boys grow into wonderful little boys thanks in a big part to you and the love your employees have shown our children.
We are so blessed that you have been a part of our children’s lives.....
Melissa D